1988 - 1992
Education: MTS voor Mode en Kleding, Amsterdam
    1992 - 1996
Education: AMFI, Amsterdam Management and Fashion Institute, Montaigne/Koetsier, HBO
    1991 - 1995
Internship Day Break, Amsterdam: A technical internship which consisted of making patterns, subscribing of pattern pieces and the manufacture of pilot models
Internship Styling Studio LHS, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel: A creative internship which consisted of making trend books, mood boards, assisting photo shooting and making a trend/concept    slideshow
Internship PTA, WFC Amsterdam: A commercial internship which consisted of the sale of the collection, inventory, display the showroom and receiving the customers
Internship Soap Studio, Amsterdam: Setting up themes/concepts and designing the collection, under the guidance of Frits Klaarenbeek and Meta Struykens
    1995 - 1996
Project Amsterdam Fashion Weekend: Visiting the participating companies and photographing the most recognizable items per collection for a trend square/presentation of men clothing themes, incollaboration with Kees van der Valk.
    1996 -1999
Hunkemöller, Hilversum: Concepts/trends forecast, making theme mood boards, developing collections (night- and knitwear), designing all overs and placed prints and models for sleepwear
Mellow Yellow, Uithoorn: Mini and Girls Collection, making theme mood boards, trend and color forecast set up by collection. Create prints, all overs, chest prints, embroideries, labels and logo's, hand painted or designed on the computer. Model drawings on scale with sizes and instructions for the production. Contact with the manufacturers in the Far East and Turkey. Checking sample model prints and embroideries. Collecting. Making illustrations for presentations and fairs. Composing collection books. Prepare sample collections for the agents. Styling and decoration of fairs and showroom. Styling assistance during photographing the collection for the brochure. Designing the layout for the brochure.
    1999 - 2010
Started own business, MBW Styling and Design
Freelance Assignments:
Livera/Intres, night wear: Design motive-, border-, allover prints and models with color proposals. This worked out in different themes for the night collection
Livera/Intres, swimwear: Design labels, logos and prints with model proposals in color, worked out in different themes for the bath collection
Livera/Intres, foundation: Design prints for the lingeriecollection
Livera/Intres, interior: Print design proposals for the panelling of fitting rooms. Print designs for duvet covers
Teidem/Doncawear: Design labels, motive-, border-and all over prints with color proposals for the baby, girls and night collection. Design big shirt prints for the nightwear collection
Verburgt Fashion: Design motive-, border- and all over color prints with proposals for the baby collection and girls nightwear collection
O.J. Mensinga Agenturen: Size spec. for trousers, in sizes 92 range up to 176, with clear references to working drawing
Pepi Art/Artwork: Design collection for Boys (92-128) Motive prints, side seam labels and the models with color labels/proposals and working drawings with instructions for the production. developing sales book
Mexx/Iduna: Design all over color prints with proposals for the lingerie and Swimwear collection. Designing lace with color proposals, presented in working drawings, for the lingerie collection
Pastunette/Iduna: Design all over prints with different color proposals for the lingerie collection
Rebelle/Iduna: Design all over prints with different color proposals for the swimwear collection
Blue Image: Design a total collection tops, with chestprint or embroidery ideas, for ladies and men. Technical drawings in different color proposals
Verhees Stoffengroothandel: Design print series for children's fabrics in different color proposals
Polytex Stoffen: Design prints for children's fabrics in different series and color proposals. Prints in illustrations
Vilenzo/Private Label: Design a Girls collection (104 and 128). Models, technical drawings, all overprints, embroideries, etc. worked out in different themes and color proposals. Collection worked out on illustration drawings for the internal company presentation
Verbeek & v/d Broek: Design prints, hand painted and on the computer, for gift wrapping paper, postcards and interior fabrics
V&D Girls: Design a girls collection (6 till 12 years) total theme; design of the models and artworks (embroidery, all overprints, flock prints, labels, flag tags, etc) this theme worked out in different color proposals and ready for production
V&D Ladies Nightwear: Design of motive-, border-, allover prints and models with color proposals. This worked out in different themes for the ladies nightwear collection
V&D Kids Nightwear: Design  the total girls- and boys kids nightwear collection; models, prints, motive prints, labels; This worked out in two different color proposals. Also all the themes worked out on reviews.
Ten Cate: Design prints (allover and chest) for underwear and nightwear for boys and girls. Presentation proposals with models, in different color proposals
Jomo: Design a baby and girls collection; models, prints, embroidery, labels, badges, etc. This worked out in different color proposals, with the necessary comments
Hunkemöller: Design prints for the lingerie-, swimwear- and nightwear collection, in different color proposals
Dobotex/Tommy Hilfiger: Test command; from concept to detailed design collection for women's lingerie and nightwear. Prints and models
Tuff: Design of the swimwear collection. For the size groups 92/128, 140/164, S/M/L. A total of 3 topics; design of the models on scale and the artworks (embroidery, all over prints, placed prints, flock prints) this theme in different color proposals and worked out ready for production
MBW: Design postcards, birth cards and giftwrap paper
    2010 - 2012
Started own business together with my sister, webshop AreYouKidding. Designer and manufacturer of children's room decorations.
    2013 - 2016
    2016 - 2021
Started own business, ST!NNDES!GN
(Freelance) Assignments:
Polytex Stoffen: Design print series in different color indications for the fabric wholesale. Inclusive moodboards. 
ST!NNDES!GN: Design print series in different color indications and design mood boards for the website. Designed and built my own website https://leukeprintjes.com.
Private/Individuals: Different canvas designs for personal use (click on the button 'photo edits' for examples) and logo's for companies
Verhees Int. Textiles: Design different print series for the fabric wholesale. Inclusive moodboards.
Esté Vision: Design duvet covers, cushions and moodboards for the Djooz collection.
ST!NNDES!GN: Design dessins for canvas, cushions and shawls. Handmade cushions, canvas and shawls for sale, 'productsforsale'
ST!NNDES!GN: Published my own book “Monsterlijk leuke Uitspraken”
ST!NNDES!GN: Photographing kids, gardens, nature, atmosphere, interior and details
ST!NNDES!GN: Designed and built my own website 'uniekefoto'
Bloomings/Newtex A'dam: Design prints in different color indications, inclusive moodboards
SuperNovaTechnical drawings of the clothing patterns
StenzoTextiles: Collection books - Design mood boards for the collection books and banners for website StenzoTextiles
StenzoTextiles: Print series and print panels design for the fabric wholesale Stenzo Textiles Collection
Stenzo Textiles: Clothing and pattern design inclusive information for production

Moodboards Stenzo Textiles
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